Job Opening

Aviation Planner (Meridian, Idaho)

Posted on June 05, 2017

Job Title:

Aviation Planner

Job Location:

2471 S. Titanium Place, Meridian (Ada County), ID  83642


As an Aviation Planner with T-O Engineers, Inc. you will work under close supervision and be responsible for analysis, report writing and development of drawings and plans for airport and heliport planning studies for infrastructure of various sizes in order to achieve client and project goals. You will apply general knowledge of aviation planning principles, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) planning and design standards and practices.  Projects may include airport master plans, planning and design studies for heliports at medical and other facilities, as well as preparation of studies in support of engineering design efforts for airports ranging in size from small general aviation airports up to small hub commercial service airports, including environmental analysis and other similar specialized planning studies. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Detailed calculations and statistical analysis to evaluate existing conditions and forecast future conditions for airport usage. 
  • Preparation of airport master plans, airport planning reports, environmental report documents, technical memorandums and detailed reports in order to present findings and make recommendations for the future use of airport facilities. 
  • Preparation of planning drawings, Airport Layout Plans and other graphics using AutoCAD, ARCGIS and other modeling software programs to graphically depict existing and future conditions.
  • Preparation of specific planning studies including but not limited to airspace analysis, Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) siting studies, and heliport designs.
  • Assist in AGIS projects.
  • Utilize public speaking skills to present findings at public meetings and during internal team meetings and share work with other team members.
  • You may occasionally travel to client sites within the U.S. for brief business purposes. 


Employer will accept a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Planning or Airport Development and Management and one (1) year of work experience in the job offered or one (1) year of work experience as an Aviation or Airport Planner Intern. Education or experience must include knowledge of or experience with evaluating existing airport conditions; airport design, including thorough understanding of FAA and ICAO design standards; airport planning, including knowledge of FAA and ICAO planning procedures and requirements; aviation demand forecasting, including statistical methods to forecast demand for a given facility or group of facilities; airspace analysis, including knowledge of 14 CFR Part 77 imaginary surfaces and TERPS; AGIS, with knowledge of FAA requirements; heliport planning and design in accordance with FAA and ICAO requirements; environmental analysis as it relates to development on airport facilities; and ability to develop graphics and drawings using AutoCAD and/or ARCGIS software. Experience may be gained concurrently.