PROJECT: Water Resources

City of Boise & Garden City FEMA Flood Study

Boise, Idaho & Garden City, Idaho


City of Boise/Garden City

Construction Value:


Because of our widely known expertise, strategic capabilities, and project management skills, T-O Engineers was selected by the City of Boise and Garden City to lead the technical effort and coordination on this project in response to the extensive floodplain and floodway revisions proposed by FEMA on  the Boise River. 

T-O coordinated the efforts and provided  an independent review of the technical team products developed by three experts, each with over 30 years of experience in floodplain related work. We distilled the significant technical review results into essential and common themes in two comprehensive submittals to FEMA. We led the coordination with FEMA to address the cities’ concerns with the wide ranging impacts for floodplain management.