PROJECT: Municipal

City of Dover

Dover, Idaho


City of Dover

Construction Value:



T-O Engineers recently completed a review of the City of Dover’s water and sewer connection fees, making recommendations to the City for adoption and implementation. The connection fee analysis included developing an inventory and cost of existing infrastructure, approximate age of system components, remaining service life, design capacity and depreciated value of existing infrastructure.  T-O prepared a technical report and conducted a workshop with the City Council to discuss the recommendations, which were subsequently adopted.  Due to the success of this project, T-O Engineers has been retained for a number of other projects for the City of Dover including a water rate analysis, water meter replacement project, and evaluation of the City’s raw water intake system.

T-O also completed a Water Facilities Plan for the City of Dover. The City selected T-O to complete this Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) Grant funded update to their water facilities plan. T-O provided a detailed analysis of water usage records to develop design demands for the water system. Analysis and selected improvements included upgrades to the City’s slow sand filtration treatment system; a new raw water intake system; upgrades to the existing raw water intake; a new transmission main for improved fire protection; improved monitoring and control systems for the City’s reservoirs and booster pumping facilities, including a fully integrated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

T-O also provided analysis and recommendations for City service to the neighboring Syringa Heights Water District. The plan was presented to City Council and approved by IDEQ. 

Services Provided:

  • Connection fee analysis
  • Prepared technical report
  • Conducted workshop with City Council
  • Water Facilities Planning