PROJECT: Municipal

City of Fruitland Wastewater Treatment Plant

Fruitland, Idaho


City of Fruitland

Construction Value:

$20.1 Million


The City of Fruitland owned and operated two lagoon systems each discharging to the Snake and Payette Rivers respectively. As the community grew and the permit limits were reduced, the Boise office team (formerly Pharmer Engineering) was selected to determine the best solution for the municipality as well as the industrial users that discharge to the municipal system. The facility plan determined that a combined mechanical treatment plant discharging to the Payette River was the best alternative and began design of the greenfield facility.

The plant has been in operation for a year and a half and was constructed under the project budget of $20.1 million. The effluent exceeds the design criteria expectations and the project is currently up for a national award for energy conservation.