PROJECT: Transportation

Eastriver Road

Bonner County, Idaho


Bonner County & Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC)

Construction Value:



Eastriver Road was a federally funded project sponsored by Bonner County and administered by LHTAC and is a roadway slide repair project. The nature of the in situ roadway materials consisting of clay with road and boulders coupled with high groundwater overlaying fractured basalt had caused the roadway to gradually slide over the years causing half the roadway to slide down the hillside. The roadway was eventually limited to one lane of traffic.

The intent of the project was to collect hillside and groundwater runoff into ditches and an infiltration system of perforated pipe and manholes to drain the runoff. In addition to the accumulation of the ditch and infiltration system, was the excavation of the hillside below the roadway coupled with building the hillside back up with structural fill from a nearby source. This material was free draining and conducive to runoff flowing through the material and into the infiltration system.

The project duration was 35 working days and the roadway was closed during construction. Environmental concerns were also taken very seriously due to the Middle Fork of the Priest River flowing adjacent to the river. T-O Engineers performed the on-site inspection, project management and administration for the project. This work included running pre-construction meetings, managing bi-weekly meetings, submittal reviews, and pay estimates. The projects was successfully completed on time and within budget.

Services provided:

  • Construction Engineering & Inspection
  • On-site inspection
  • Project management & administration
  • Prepared pay estimates and change orders
  • Reviewed submittals
  • General documentation