PROJECT: Aviation

Friedman Memorial Airport

Hailey, Idaho


Friedman Memorial Airport Authority

Construction Value:

$34 Million


Friedman Memorial Airport is a longtime client of T-O Engineers.  Time and again in our 22 years of service at this airport, we have responded to their needs and successfully helped them survive and thrive in the constantly changing aviation world.

The airport serves the Sun Valley resort area, with a unique mix of traffic from small GA to commercial service regional jets and corporate jet traffic. Over the years, the traffic at the airport outgrew the facility and the airfield did not meet current FAA standards, most significantly for the Runway Safety Area.  The plan was to construct a new airport until August of 2011, when the FAA suspended an Environmental Impact Statement for the new facility.  At that point, the community turned to T-O Engineers and developed a plan to meet standards where possible and get approved Modifications of Standards where they could not be met.

This plan was finalized in June 2013 and included approximately $34 million in improvements to the airport, spread over seven large projects, plus the acquisition of five hangars.  The projects included taxiway removal and construction, Runway Safety Area grading, airfield lighting, hangar demolitions, apron construction, and two architectural projects.  The architectural projects included a terminal addition and remodel and a new Airport Operations Building, which is a collocated ARFF station, Snow Removal Equipment building and airport administration office.  In order to meet a congressionally-mandated deadline, all of this work needed to be completed no later than December 31, 2015.

The T-O team rose to this challenge and the last project was completed in October 2015.  In order to do this, T-O Engineers had to be efficient, communicate effectively and be responsive.  The team for these projects included not only T-O staff, but also a  team of consultants, including two separate architecture firms.  In addition to the project demands, this effort also included constant communication with airport staff, airport authority and the community.


  1. Relocate Hangar Taxilanes / Apron Improvements - $2.2M
  2. Relocate Taxiway B, Grade RSA and Remove Taxiway A (South) - $4.8M
  3. Terminal Expansion and Remodel - $8.3M
  4. Airport Operations Building - $3.7M
  5. Terminal Airport - $2.7M
  6. Relocate Taxiway B, Grade RSA and Remove Taxiway A (North) - $5.9M
  7. Central Bypass Taxiway / Facility Demolition - $676K