PROJECT: Municipal

Idaho City Water System Improvements

Idaho City, Idaho


City of Idaho City

Construction Value:

$3.5 Million


T-O Engineers is performing water system upgrades for the City of Idaho City that is funded through local and federal dollars for the facility upgrades identified in the water facility plan that was prepared by T-O. Based on those recommendations T-O  has designed and overseen completion for:

  • Upgrades to the existing slow sand filter surface water plant
  • Two new drinking water storage tanks
  • Two new groundwater wells
  • Two pressure reducing stations
  • Installed over a half of a mile of new water main with service connections

The project was funded with $3.5 million dollars. Coordination with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Department of Lands, and the Army Corps of Engineers has been performed thus far by T-O staff.  The last phase of the project is to provide groundwater treatment for the two new wells to remove arsenic and fluoride.