PROJECT: Aviation

Idaho Falls Regional Airport - Parallel Taxiway/Runway 17-35

Idaho Falls, Idaho


City of Idaho Falls

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T-O Engineers is assisting the City of Idaho Falls with a planning study to address the future of their secondary runway and associated taxiway system.

There are currently four hotspots in this area of the airfield and airport that have been identified as a Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) location. 

As part of their previous Master Plan update, Runway 17-35 was reclassified from B-I Small to B-II with no discussion or justification. The Master Plan further recommended closing the runway in the future and building a secondary runway parallel to the primary runway. When the runway was reclassified as B-II, the size of the Runway Safety Area (RSA) and Object Free Area (OFA) increased substantially and was now penetrated by multiple obstructions including the perimeter fence, utilities, and the main airport access road. As forecasted operation levels wouldn’t justify a parallel runway for more than 100 years, something had to be done in the interim to address the hotspots and obstructions.

In early 2016, the City selected T-O Engineers to assist with the planning effort to classify the runway and address the safety issues. After extensive research and coordination, it was determined the runway should be reclassified as B-I Small and remain in its current location. In addition, the taxiway system will be reconfigured to remove many of the hotspots. The final plan for moving forward is currently being finalized.