PROJECT: Water Resources

Lost River Fish Hatchery

Mackay, Idaho


Clear Springs Foods

Construction Value:


T-O Engineers recently completed a 23 cfs spring fed fish broodstock facility for Clear Springs Foods. 

The project included:

  • Capture of 23 cfs through six different spring collection boxes
  • System hydraulic design to allow non-consumptive use of the springs and return to the receiving stream
  • Oxygenation of the water to near saturation using packed columns
  • Distribution to 10 outside raceways and 14 light controlled raceways
  • Tail ditch collection and flow distribution to spawning basins or full flow settling basin
  • Spawning and incubation design and production building
  • Full flow settling basins
  • Administration building
  • Onsite water and sewer systems

The spring collection system was designed and constructed in 2015/2016 and the broodstrock facility was designed and constructed in 2016/ 2017.  The facility supplies fisheye to several rainbow trout hatch houses and production farms.