PROJECT: Municipal

Nampa West Regional Force Main Preliminary Engineering Report

Nampa, Idaho


City of Nampa, Idaho

Construction Value:


The Nampa West Regional Lift Station and Force Main serve West and Southwest Nampa and pumps over one million gallons of raw sewage per day from the gravity collection system to the waste water treatment plan.  The City of Nampa decided to construct a parallel force main to serve anticipated growth and provide partial redundancy of this crucial force.  The importance of redundancy in the main was demonstrated when T-O Engineers' field investigation discovered a leak in the existing 18-inch force main.  The City of Nampa  was able to repair the force main quickly and safely and limited impact to the public and environment. 

T-O Engineers assisted the City of Nampa with the repair, performed field testing on the lift station and force main, and developed a preliminary engineering report for design of the parallel force main and the capacity of the lift station.  The testing and the report provided valuable capacity information, allowing the City of Nampa to make informed decisions regarding the proposed improvements. 

Services Provided:

  • Field Investigation on lift station & force main
  • Assisted with repairs
  • Developed preliminary engineering report