PROJECT: Municipal

Nampa West Regional Force Main Preliminary Engineering Report

Nampa, Idaho


City of Nampa, Idaho

Construction Value:

$3 Million


Nampa’s largest sewer basin flows to the Western Regional Lift Station. This essential lift station pumps sewage across the City to the wastewater treatment facility. In 2015 at the onset of a new parallel force main project, T-O surveyors found a leak in the existing force main. 

It became apparent that this essential facility, pumping over 1 million gallons per day, lacked the necessary redundancy and functionality to mitigate an emergency or perform routine maintenance. Nampa fast-tracked the design and construction of the parallel main. T-O is the primary engineer for the design of this estimated nearly $3 Million two phase project that connects previously installed sections, crosses through a highly traveled commercial area, and includes nearly a mile of encroachment within the railroad.