PROJECT: Land Development

Reflection Ridge Subdivision

Meridian, Idaho


Mission Coast Properties ID, Inc.

Construction Value:

$3 Million


Reflection Ridge is a project that began in 2005; it was partially constructed and then put on the back burner for several years due to a weak economy.T-O had the opportunity to take on the existing design/partially constructed project and turn it into a marketable project. The existing phase had to be retrofit to eliminate storm water ponds that did not fit in with useable open space, rockery walls had to be installed to deepen the buildable space on short lots, and a roundabout was mostly reconstructed. The project was diverse as it had a large amount of open space, view lots, alley loaded lots, a club house, swimming pool, children’s playground, and many other features.

T-O’s efforts resulted in lots selling quickly and a successful, sought after development.

T-O provided the following for this project:

  • Construction survey
  • Negotiations with Agencies
  • Storm Drainage Design
  • Grading Design
  • Sewer and Water Design
  • Pressure Irrigation
  • Round about Design
  • Final Platting
  • Club House support
  • Boundary Survey
  • Marketing Exhibits