PROJECT: Transportation

SH-55 Snake River Bridge

Marsing, Idaho


Idaho Transportation Department

Construction Value:


T-O Engineers is the prime consultant on the SH-55 Snake River Bridge project for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). This project included replacement of the approximately 800 foot long bridge over the Snake River. T-O services on this project consist of hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the bridge and adjacent culvert, hydraulic reports, rural county floodplain development permit, complex traffic control for staged bridge construction, coordination with ITD Bridge design, geotechnical work on MSE and soil nail retaining walls, materials reports, environmental-cultural, public involvement, threatened and endangered species, utilities, survey, and a phased scope for a second access structure and roadway that began with a feasibility analysis followed by design.

Services provided:

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
  • Hydraulic reports
  • Rural county floodplain development permit
  • Complex traffic control
  • Coordination with ITD Bridge design
  • Geotechnical work
  • Materials reports
  • Environmental-cultural
  • Public Involvement
  • Threatened & endangered species
  • Utilities
  • Survey
  • Phased scope