PROJECT: Wastewater

Sorrento Lactalis Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Upgrades

Nampa, Idaho


Sorrento Lactalis

Construction Value:

$3.2 Million


From 2015 to 2017, T-O Engineers developed the preliminary planning, process treatment, construction plans, and specifications for an industrial wastewater treatment system upgrade at the Sorrento Lactalis cheese processing facility in Nampa, Idaho.

The first project phase included design and construction of a tertiary chemical precipitate clarifier and associated pump station. The goal of the design was to increase the overall hydraulic capacity of the plant while continuing to maintain ultra-low effluent phosphorus concentrations. Chemicals are used to precipitate phosphorus prior to the clarifier, so the bolted steel tank was coated with a robust coal tar epoxy for longer life. T-O Engineers ensured that operation of the clarifier remained compatible with the existing tertiary sand filtration system to achieve effluent phosphorus of less than 0.07 mg/L.

The second project phase included the design and construction of a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) to augment the BOD/COD removal capacity of the plant. The SBR design utilized an above ground bolted steel tank with jet aeration. In addition to BOD removal, the basin is operated to achieve nitrification and denitrification, using alternating air on/off sequences to convert nitrate to nitrogen gas for total nitrogen removal.

T-O Engineer’s extensive process treatment expertise and 3D CAD modeling capability allowed these treatment upgrades to be designed and bid on an extremely aggressive timeline. Our positive relationships with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality also allowed us to smooth the path of compliance for the client, ensuring that both business needs and environmental compliance goals were met throughout the duration of both project phases.