OUR SERVICES: Geospatial

At T-O Engineers, our Geospatial Team provides our clients with GIS and Remote Sensing solutions. From small residential lots to 1600 acre airports, our group of Part 107 licensed pilots and data processing team provides high-resolution aerial imagery, 4k videos, topographic surfaces, and a host of other deliverables to meet your projects remote sensing needs.

Beyond Remote Sensing, our Geospatial Team provides GIS Services ranging from simple Real Estate Maps to complex Online and Mobile Applications. Whether it’s creating asset management dashboards for airports or displaying as-built plan sets on mobile applications our GIS Team has the expertise to provide solutions to your geographic questions.

Geospatial Services Provided:

  • Airports GIS (AGIS) including Airport Airspace Analysis Surveys
  • GIS Database Creation and Management
  • GIS Needs Assessment
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Aerial Imagery Digitizing and Planimetrics
  • Online Web Mapping Applications
  • Municipal Utility Inventory and Mapping
  • Hydrology Modeling and Watershed Delineation
  • LiDAR Interpolation and Analysis
  • Real Estate Maps

UAV & Remote Sensing Services Provided:

  • High Resolution Aerial Imagery
  • Ground Contour Mapping
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Quantity Verification
  • Vegetation Monitoring
  • Cultural Resources & Archaeological Data Collection
  • Wildfire Hazard Analysis
  • FAA 333 Exemption Number 16660