T-O Engineers Awarded Two Projects for the City of Nampa

Published on Wed, 08/19/2015 - 11:34

T-O Engineers has been selected by the City of Nampa to provide engineering services for two projects.

Downtown Nampa
6th Street North Waterline Replacement and Roadway Reconstruction

The first project is an approximately $1.5 million waterline replacement and roadway reconstruction of ½ mile of an outdated and undersized waterline 6th Street North. The project will also include the reconstructing of nearly one mile of the 6th Street North roadway. 

Downtown Nampa
Western Regional Lift Station Parallel Force Mains
The second project is the Western Regional Lift Station parallel force mains which will include 13,000 feet of new force main and the design of pipeline that will cross one of the busiest intersections in the State of Idaho, Highway 55 and the Nampa/Caldwell Boulevard. The City has estimated the construction for this project will be approximately $3.5 million with the project construction divided into five years. 
T-O Engineers is proud to serve the City of Nampa as well as the opportunity to continue providing the City with innovative, responsive service.